⬤ Wechat and Google issue! (VERY IMPORTANT. MUST READ)

Installing Wechat(微信)
Why is Wechat so important?

You may need to contact us in case you are unable to find the driver at the Airport. So you need to use Airport free Wi-Fi.

To connect Airport  Wi-Fi, you need to use your Wechat ID or Chinese cell phone number.

Click here to learn how t install Wecaht.

<*Youtube does not work in Mainland China>

Google, Facebook, Youtube,  Twitter,………. and VPN
Google does not work properly in China.

Google search, Gmail, Google drive,  Google maps, ……. and Onedrive do not work properly in China.

Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter also do not work properly in China.

VPN is a facility allows you to access Google, Facebook, and Twitter in China.

VPN  may not work properly in China especially on campus.

There are many of VPN providers. However, many of them do not work in China. We recommend you choose Express VPN or PureVPN.

Express VPN offers 30-day money-back guarantee. Click the picture below to find detailed plans.  ↓

Express VPN may be the most expensive VPN but it is very reliable in China. The speed is faster than any other VPN.

Other VPN may be cheaper but many of them do not work in China or are working very slow.

PureVPN may be the cheapest one. It offers 15-day money-back guarantee.

However, it sometimes does not work in China.

Click the picture below to find detailed plans.  ↓

 VPN is not a stable service in China. You do need to find alternative solutions.

www.baidu.com is the search engine commonly used in China. (It is hard to search English contents as it is designed for local Chinese only.)

You can use Baidu map to direct you. (It works well in China, Only in China)

You can use an alternative email service provider like Outlook.